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sociology 9 quiz spring term

Great Britain was one of the first nations in which industrial capitalism developed. According to world system theory, Great Britain would be a ________ nation.

Of the following methods, which would be the best way to preserve a stratification system?
Controlling ideas, information, technology through ideology.

Mahatma is a member of India’s Brahman caste. What is Mahatma’s most likely occupation?
A Hindu priest.

In some societies, closely related members of the ruling class and the upper class marry to preserve their power and wealth within their families. This is a practice known as?

John Kenneth Galbraith’s theory of global stratification, referred to as a culture of poverty, is based on a concept first proposed by?
Oscar Lewis.

Based on the global stratification model, nations of the former Soviet Union and its former satellites in Eastern Europe are classified as?
The Industrializing Nations.

In world system theory, nations that have been totally left out of the development of capitalism and allowed to stagnate are called ________.
The external area.

In which of the following societies might slavery most likely exist?
The agricultural society.

In the estate system, the practice of the firstborn son inheriting all land owned by the father was called?

In every society, from the hunting and gathering society to the postindustrial society, the most common basis for social stratification has been ________.

Of the following technologies, which does the government have the greatest difficulty controlling?
Internet communications and e-mails.

According to Melvin Tumin, which of the following high school seniors will most likely attend college?
The C+ student from the upper class.

The Acme Corporation has adopted “Tiny Brothers” as a means of controlling employees. What is a “Tiny Brother”?
A security camera

A form of the caste system that, until recently, was legal in South Africa was called?

The ability to control others, even over their objections, is referred to as?

If a person were living during Karl Marx’s lifetime and worked at the Smittertown ironworks, Marx would consider that person a member of the?

Bartholomew is a member of the second estate in Europe during the middle ages. In view of this, what is Bartholomew’s most likely social location?
He is a monk in the St. Thomas Aquinas parish.

India’s caste system is slowly being replaced by a system marked by?
Social class

A system of beliefs that justifies a particular social arrangement, such as slavery, is called?
An ideology

According to Gaetano Mosca, every society is stratified by ________ to ensure that society’s work gets done.

Chinese leaders putting tight controls on Internet cafes and search engines, blocking access to Facebook and Twitter is an example of which means elites use to maintain stratification?
Controlling information.

Sally is employed as a computer programmer for the Ellis Corporation. She has a savings account of $15,000 and owns a few shares of Ellis stock. She thinks of herself as an investor rather than as a worker. Marx would maintain that Sally has experienced?
False class consciousness.

At the steel plant, all minorities hired are assigned to work the battery pits, one of the dirtiest jobs in the mill. Even so, the battery pit workers wear this assignment as a badge of honor and have developed a close social bond that transcends the time they spend at the mill. How would Karl Marx describe their solidarity?
The workers share class consciousness.

In Great Britain, what percentage of the population makes up the elite upper class?

In colonial America, immigrants were transported to the new world “on credit” by the captain of the ship, who then sold their services to wealthy colonists who paid their passage. In return, these immigrants worked for a specified period of time and were known as ________ or?
Indentured servants; bonded laborers.

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