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Setting Essay Examples

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Introduction to duty of care

1.1 The term ‘Duty of care’ means anyone working within the Health & social care sector must act in the best interest of the people that they are supporting. They also have to do everything in their power to ensure these people are safe from harm. My company also has a duty of care to…

Receptive and Expressive Language in the Classroom Setting

Receptive or expressive language plays a significant role in a typical lesson plan. The efficiency and success of a lesson plan, when implemented in the classroom, is partly dependent on the communicative skills and responsiveness of the students. The lesson plan contains all the learning objectives, activities, and learning outcomes that must be completed by…

Setting and hardening of hydraulic cements

In August 2004, Adriatic IV was on location over the Temsah gas production platform, off Port Said, Egypt in the Mediterranean. During the drilling of natural gas well by rig, a gas blowout occurred during the drilling operation. Due to this blowout, the whole Petrobel platform was burnet out. This platform was owned jointly by…



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“The Lottery” Analysis

In paragraph 1, readers are told that Victor lives on a reservation. What details elsewhere in the story establish this setting? What associations does this setting have for you? Do you think the story could take place anywhere else? -The other details that establish this setting is when they say, “So Victor called the tribal…

Using Technology in Education Setting

The fast paced of technological advancement encourages everyone to use different kinds of technology whenever necessary. As such, this also calls for educational institutions and educators to implement curriculum, instruction and assessment with the use of technology. More than the use of these technologies to technology-related courses that generally require the use of which, it…

DVD vs VCR in the Classroom Setting

The advent of technology keeps introducing new ways and means of learning. Since the late 1970’s, the Video Cassette Recorder (VCR) has dominated not only the home entertainment market but is being extensively used in classrooms for learning purposes. The last decade of 20th century however witnessed the video hardware and software manufacturers in developing…

Multicultural in school setting

The article, what makes a school multicultural? talks about social change in the society. The concept of multiculturalism has not been clarified but everyone has an idea of what it is and they are thus left to judge with their believes and biases. The article is well written and talks of the 21st century as…

Myself, my setting and my learning

The aim of this reflective account is to discuss my developing practice and how as a childminder I ensure my setting meets the requirements of the curriculum which I follow. This is based on the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS, DfES, 2007), whilst still keeping true to my own beliefs in the best environment for…

Develop and evaluate operational plans

1.1 Identify operational objectives within own area of responsibility. My area of responsibilities state in our operational plan is that:- It is my role to ensure that we have sufficient staff on daily basis in order to meet the relevant staff/child ratios. Any over staffing we have should be utilised in an appropriate manner, for…

Working in partnership with other relevant adults

This is the most important partnership as Parents/carers need to feel happy with the setting and the staff who work there. They will want and expect the highest level of care for their child. Building a partnership with Parents/carers will ensure good communication and the sharing of important information regarding the child, such as needs,…

Global Setting

With the rapid expansion of globalization coupled with an amazing digital revolution, the civilization has taken a quantum leap to land in an era where the world seems to be a global village. Consequently, this new era demands a matching code of conduct from humans, of which the format would be new but the content…

Setting up Intranet and Extranet

An intranet is an internal corporate network built using Internet and World Wide Web standards and products, used by employees to gain access to corporate information. The business should set up an intranet to increase communication and reduce costs. The business can put all of its documents such as phonebooks, supplier information, and other work…

Thomas Hardy uses setting

‘Explore the ways in which Thomas Hardy uses setting to help portray Tess’ feelings. ‘ “Tess of the d’Urbervilles” is a tragedy novel by Thomas Hardy set in the 19th Century in the south of England. It focuses on Tess Durbeyfield, living in the rural county of Dorchester, an innocent young girl in the lower…

The social setting

KES is set in the early 1960’s in Sheffield, South Yorkshire and in the first few pages we get the impression that Billy and his family live on a deprived estate. There are many signs of this throughout the novel and one of the first things we read about is that Billy and his brother…

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