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Family Essay

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In a world of varying cultures and values for the elderly, there exists a principal notion about elderly homes that have spurred today. Oftentimes than not, the notion about elderly homes are of the negative and this stems from the fact that the elderly homes serve as a constant reminder about something that most people fear—death and old age (Dickinson and Vasen, 2006). However, according to Dickinson and Vasen, there is a positive side to the elderly homes that most people do not see (2006).

One of these may be attributed to the view that the elderly homes can be considered as a family in itself. In this family, there are parts that comprise the whole, cooperation is existent, and there are groups formed within the family as will be expounded in the body. The elderly homes are composed of several members that comprise the family. First, we have the group of nursing aides who cares for the elderly and they are the lifeblood of the family. Without the nursing aides, the elderly home will be like a tree without its roots.

This is the group that serves the purpose of nurturing and giving utmost care and attention needed by the elderly living inside. Second, we have the group of elder persons who serves as the air that the elderly home breathes. They are the purpose why the home exists and without them, there should not have been an elderly home in the first place. Moreover, they are the center of attention in the home because of their decreased strength and special needs that have to be attended to.

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They are also at the center of activities in the elderly home such as in Christmas parties, gatherings, and others. Third, we have the administration that runs the elderly home. They manage the day-to-day affairs of the elderly home especially with regards to routine maintenance and those functions not covered by the nursing aides. Although they serve the elderly indirectly, they still form a vital role because they are the ones responsible for the proper functioning of the elderly home. Moreover, the administration is considered as the support system of the whole.

In conclusion, it can be said that each is a part of the whole and each plays a role that whose purpose is to contribute to the family to which they are a member of. Moreover, there are relationships that are formed between these groups that form the bond between them as a family. It is all up to the members of this family to determine what type of family they would be. But certainly, it is not a negative one as most people tend to see them. Instead, it is a harmonious and vital institution of the society.

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